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      <page pageid="2132" ns="0" title="Regional Express">
          <rev xml:space="preserve">{{Train|title1 = Regional Express|image1 = Regional Express.png|name = Regional Express|speed = 104 mph|cars = 8|base_fuel = 315|max_engines = 2|max_fuel_cars = 1}}The '''Regional Express''' is one of the four Express Set trains. It is slightly better than the [[National Express]] when compared in the speed and [[fuel]] areas, but 7 [[parts]] are required to build a Regional Express engine or fuel car, unlike the 6 for the other Expresses. Like other multi-engine trains, adding a second engine will increase the total car capacity by 50% the base capacity. Parts for this train may be obtained upon reaching Level 8.&lt;gallery&gt;
Regional Express.png
[[Category:Express Set]]</rev>
      <page pageid="2162" ns="0" title="Rio Grande Standard">
          <rev xml:space="preserve">The '''Rio Grande Standard''' is a Standard engine. It's base fuel is 600, {{Train|title1 = Rio Grande Standard|image1 = Rio Grande Standard.png|name = Rio Grande Standard|speed = 87 MPH|cars = (base) 12 (max) 24|base_fuel = 600|max_engines = 3|max_fuel_cars = 2}}but can also be given two extra [[Fuelcar|fuel cars]], increasing the range to 1800. It is capable of having 2 extra engines added on, which can increase the car capacity to 24 (12+2x(50% Base Capacity)). The Rio Grande excels in delivering large amounts of cargo to a destination, and is great for daily event completion. 

== Trivia ==
Like the other ''Standard'' engines, the Rio Grande is based on a EMD F7 diesel.
[[File:RG F7.jpg|thumb|220x220px|This F7 has the same paint job as the rio grande standard]][[File:Rio Grande Standard-0.png|left|thumb|220x220px]][[Category:Trains]]
[[Category:Standard Set]]</rev>