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Africa is one of the continents in Pocket Trains. This article will explain strategies, tips, and info about Africa.

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General Infomation

Africa is a continent in Pocket Trains. Africa is available through the purchase of the Africa license, which costs 50,000 coins. It has 16 cities, all in different countries. Large or notable ones in real life include Lagos, Cario, Africa's largest city, Nairobi, Kinshasa, Cape Town, and Khartoum. Important lines in Africa include Dakar-Fortaleza, Kinshasa-Nairobi, Amman-Cario, Casablanca-Madrid, and Luanda-Harare. Due to the continent's long lines of Track, rare Trains, Standard trains, and Zephyrs are best for Africa due to their fuel capacity and decent speed. Many biomes are found here, including rain forests, deserts, and grasslands.

Strategies and Tips

Here is a list of strategies for Africa. Feel free to add some of your own!

  • Steamers and Express trains (without Fuelcars) are not very well- suited for Africa. Instead, use rare, Standard, or Zephyr trains. With their large fuel and car capacity, these are extremely good for the long, unlinked lines through the desert.
  • Have railroads connect to 4-7 cities. Because of the small amount of cities here, railroads can have much less cities than in other continents and still be profitable. Addingly, long lines need small railroads to operate on them.
  • An example of an African train company.

    Use the stockyard to your advantage. Because of its southern location, many high paying jobs to Europe are made. Transport the jobs to the northernmost city that links to another line. Repeat until the job can be cashed in. This also works well for Daily events.
  • Upgrade stockyard capacity for stations that have 2 or more railroads connecting to it.

List of Stations

Here's a list of Africa's stations by alpabetical order.