Awards, or achievements, are a feature in Pocket Trains. They give a reward for a feat accomplished in-game. Each one gives a different reward based on the difficulty of the task, but it will always be a special crate and 20 bux.


List of Available Awards

Category Name Description
Railroads Tiny Tycoon Operate 4 railroads
Train Empire Operate 8 railroads
Steel Titan Operate 12 railroads
Iron Fleet Operate 16 railroads
Operation Operation Europe Service 13 cities in Europe
Operation Africa Service 7 cities in Africa
Operation North America Service 15 cities in North America
Operation Asia Service 18 cities in Asia
Operation South America Service 7 cities in South America
Operation Oceania Service 6 cities in Oceania
Monopoly Monopoly Europe Service 26 cities in Europe
Monopoly Africa Service 15 cities in Africa
Monopoly North America Service 32 cities in North America
Monopoly Asia Service 37 cities in Asia
Monopoly South America Service 14 cities in South America
Monopoly Oceania Service 12 cities in Oceania
Licenses Fully Licensed Obtain all 6 regional licenses
Daily Events Starting Event Complete 1 event
Current Event Complete 10 events
Main Event Complete 100 events
Train Sets Steamer Set Collect all 4 unique steamer engines
Express Set Collect all 4 unique express engines
Standard Set Collect all 4 unique standard engines
Zephyr Set Collect all 4 unique zephyr engines
Freighter Set Collect all 4 unique freighter engines
Hybrid Set Collect all 4 unique hybrid engines
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