• Fancyeditor

    New Theme!!

    June 21, 2020 by Fancyeditor

    This is so exciting!

    After the release of the new Hybrid sets I thought it necessary to revive this wiki once more. The new theme is the first part in what organised me wants to call a 3-step program for re[re]development. Please comment below on how you think it looks. Also I have been bored out of my mind during COVID and isolation (often finding myself watching a trains entire journey for no reason but for the scenery :) ) and think it's wonderful that we can still maintain this community space.

    More attention will be paid to ensuring better looking homepage, greater continuity for our information pages (including info-boxes) and new pages on XP, and protections on more important pages.

    If you have any comments or suggestions at all I'd lo…

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  • Bigwangers2


    April 28, 2019 by Bigwangers2

    Welcome to the shop! There's no products yet on this page.

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  • Fancyeditor

    Bureaucrat Blurb

    August 1, 2018 by Fancyeditor

    Hello Wiki editors!

    This is my first blog post in a long time so I do have a few things to address. First of all, please consider adding and filling out the User Profile template on your profile pages. I will be modifying the word mark (rewriting WIKI using Silkscreen font), so that we get a more professional appearance. Thirdly (this is an important one), I have been observing our wiki statistics, and we are gaining a large veiwer group. The statistics show that in the last 7 days we had 2.6 thousand viewers on our wiki, these peope mostly came to: Map, Trains, and Asia, Europe and the other continents. We should aim our projects at expaning and improving these areas. For Map, I'm going to try and get a better and larger map so that it can…

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  • Fancyeditor

    A Fond Farewell

    February 20, 2018 by Fancyeditor

    Hello Wiki users,

    As I write this I am filled with a great sense of dread and sadness. My time is up and its time to pass over the reigns. 3 months ago I took up the opportunity to adopt this wiki. I understood back then that it would be a lot of work. It sure has been, but look at where we are now! A growing community of 5 active editors, a lovely homepage and a whole new staffing team. I must come back to the whole point of writting this post. I am leaving, not permanently (I will still do a massive edit once a month). A large amount of you have noticed my inactivity, this is larely due to the fact that I have been boged down with work, I cannot find the time to edit. I hope you all know that it kills me to say goodbye but I know I'm leav…

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  • Fancyeditor

    Hello community!

    This'll be a big post so get comfortable. First and foremost I want to distinguish the difference between facts and information. Now all facts are information but not all information is facts. Because I love grammar and just want to bore you here is the definition:

    Facts: Something that is know to be or proven to be true.

    Information: Facts or an opinion provided or learned about someone or something.

    At this point you are probably very confused, all will be explained soon. I have noticed some pages or catagory pages with bucket loads of text on them, when I read further I discovered that most of this text is information, someones excelent opinion on how to utilise a train efficently. Dont get me wrong I love this information but…

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  • Fancyeditor

    Weekly Chat

    January 18, 2018 by Fancyeditor

    Hello wiki community!

    This'll just be a small post. I'd just like to raise a few points. First of all I came onto the wiki and noticed that our Trains page is the first suggested. We should have a notice on Trains directing people to the main page. I'll continue fixing up the nav bar and getting promotion deals. If you need help with WikiText I'm happy to do some lessons, I only know the basics but can help with most problems. Finally I was considering making an Instagram or Facebook page promoting the wiki. Please do give me your thoughts and ideas.


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  • Bananalover44

    Almost There!

    January 13, 2018 by Bananalover44

    Alright, we're almost there! We only have 2 more pages to make, then we can start our navigation redo project! But I have some things I need clearing up.

    • On the Virginia Freighter page, I accidently made the category "Freighter Trains". I thought they were named Trains instead of sets. Anyhow, I can't delete the category or I dont know how to do it. Fancyeditor, can you do this please as I'm pretty sure only admins can delete.
    • I need some pictures of trains in stations and in enviroments, mostly Freighter and Zephyr trains. I can't find any on the Internet and I don't have the trains :( Could anyone help? I'm going to put them on their respective pages so people don't just have an icon to look at.
    • After this redo, hopefully more people will c…
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  • Fancyeditor


    January 8, 2018 by Fancyeditor

    Hello Wiki users!

    I will start my quest to make this wiki more navigable tommorow. I would just like your thoughts on this: 

    Ok, so some willing wolunteers and I will create a page for every single train in Pocket Trains. Now this will render our Trains page useless. To keep the Trains page and not have it repeat information we will make it a catagory feeder page to all the other trains pages. We will then provide a link to the trains page on the home page. Then in the navigations bar under trains we will have them divided into their divisions (Freighter, Steamers, Special, Express and so on) when you click on the division you will be brought to a feeder page similar to that of the new trains page. Pheww! Just I few more things to note:

    • On th…
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  • Fancyeditor


    January 1, 2018 by Fancyeditor

    Hello everyone!

    If you are a regular editor and/or visitor you may have noticed the inactivity of the current administrator. He has started this wiki and not done anything in its favour. This wiki is loosing popularity and organisation. I have applied for addoption as of today and if I am accepted I will be striving for simpler access and navigation of this wiki, revitalised pages adding tables new text, trivia and more, along with colourful pictures. 

    Please don't hesitate to let me know what you think or if you have any suggestions. 


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