The Bullet is the fastest train in the game. It's fuel capacity is a major drawback having been sacrificed for speed, making it a train that isn't meant for long journeys. With both [difficult to obtain] fuel cars, the Bullet can have quite a lot of range. The Bullet can eventually replace Zephyrs, or an almost ancient steamer. The Bullet Was of The LNER and it Features A Power Car No.34102 and Was Preserved On The Southend Railway Which Runs from The United Kingdom and All The Way To Isle of Wight and The Locomotive Was Built In 1901.

Train Speed Car Capacity Fuel Max Engines Max Fuelcars
126 MPH 16 Cars 600 1 2
LNER Bullet Power Car Unit
500 series Shinkansen train at Tokyo Station

A Shinkansen train in real life. Note the sloped front to reduce drag While The HST Stands At Barcelona As Many Visitors Icluded A Set From The Japan Northern Railway On The 24th March 1970.


  • The Bullet is a train that can be obtained via Special Crates.
  • It is the fastest train in the game.
  • It is based off of the Japanese Shinkansen (bullet train in Japanese) line of high speed trains.
  • The many sloping edges are to reduce drag, therefore making the train go much faster.
  • The Bullet requires the most amount of parts to make (14).
  • The Buttet, even though the fastest train is only 3mph off from the Petabyte Zephyr

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