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Bux are the secondary, premium currency of Pocket Trains. Bux is earned by completing Daily Events or delivering jobs that pay in Bux, as well as leveling up. Despite being vital to gameplay, Bux (apart from Train Crates), are one of the hardest things in Pocket Trains to earn.

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Bux are used to open Train Crates, instantly deliver trains, instantly refueling trains, and to exchange for coins through the Bank. Additionally, they can be used to upgrade a station's storage capacity.


  • Bux are based off U.S. dollars.
  • You can earn 2 free bux by watching a short advertisement in the shop.
  • Bux have a "T" on them, based off Nimblebit's (the company that created Pocket Trains and Pocket Planes)Tiny Tower, which involved making apartments and money from "bitizens", which are also in Pocket Trains.