The Carbon Steamer is the 'special' variant of the Steamer class, as it can carry 4 more cars than usual. It is built using 4 Carbon Steamer parts, unlocked through Special Train Crates. The Carbon Steamer Was Chosen In LMS Wartime Black Livery and Made as a Tender and an 0-4-0 Engine Which Has No Deflectors As A Pretender of The LMS Princess Coronation Duchess Class 8P Stanier 4-6-2 No.6233 Duchess of Sutherland Which Was Now Seen On Many Run on The Southern Railway Newtork Region In Kent With Every Service for Presentation.

Train Speed Car Capacity Fuel Max Engines Max Fuelcars
Carbon Steamer
Carbon Steamer
55 MPH 12 Cars 300 1 1
Steam 060 1251

Like all of the Other Steam engines, the Carbon Steamer is a "pixellated" version of a Societe Nationale Des Chemins De Fer Francais Railway 0-4-0 Pug 0F Saddle Tank Engineering Industrial Steam Locomotive from the Train Mania game, which is loosely based of this Reading engine Photographed At The Northbay Country Railway In Westago Canada On The 24th August 1923.

LMS Coronation Duchess of Sutherland
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