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The Freighter Set is a set of trains that are known for their gigantic fuel capacities. They range from the 720 Maryland Freighter to the extreme 880 Delaware Freighter. A drawback is all Freighters have slow speeds, which means the fuel will last longer, but train trips that use a large amount of it will take a long time to complete. They can hold up to 3 engines and 2 fuelcars, which means they can take a maximum of 28 cars and hold around 2,000 fuel (wow!).


Freighter trains are good for replacing old trains that are not very efficient. At high levels, these trains will be the bulk of your railroads, transporting jobs long distances-as far as Chirstchurch to Nome. These trains need 10 or 11 parts to make, the same as Standard trains. Many people add engines instead of fuelcars to Freighter trains because their fuel capacities are so large, they don't need to add a fuelcar! These trains are well suited for places like Africa, South America, and Asia, but still do very well in other places.

New Jersey Freighter.png
The New Jersey Freighter.


  • All Freighter trains are based on real life diesel Freighter trains, which do not have names, but numbers.
  • Every train in this set is named for a U.S. state.
  • Some people refer these trains as the best looking in all of Pocket Trains.
  • This train set houses the train with the MOST fuel, the Delaware!
  • These trains are in ridiculously high demand, so if you have any spare parts you don't want, go to the Trading page.

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