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The Special Trains are a group of trains that are extremely difficult to obtain and have unique abilities and look. Also called 'rare' trains, the group is the only one which the trains included are not related to each other. They are very hard to obtain because they require large quantities of parts are only found in special crates, which are already hard to get by themselves. This is somewhat ironic as you could find parts for them at level 3 (level 1 and 2 are the tutorial levels).

Ride with the famous Okidkaname Express, using the smooth Century Limited model!

If you obtain one of these trains, you be rewarded with a very efficient, profitable train (The Dragonbreath is an exception ;D). This can be seen in the Century Limited and the Daylight, which have medium speeds but high fuel capacities. The Mallard is also a good train, but it has a lot less fuel than many other trains.

The Bullet in a Mesa enviroment.


  • All but one of these trains are based on real things which retain their name. For example, the Mallard is based on the (surprise, surprise!) Mallard.
  • The special train group contains the only two trains which are not based on a train. These are the Dekotora and the Dragonbreath.
  • This group contains the fastest train in Pocket Trains, the Bullet.

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