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The Standard Set includes 4 trains: the Rio Grande Standard, Gila Standard, Pecos Standard, and the San Juan Standard. Many people refer these trains as the best in Pocket Trains, due to their high fuel capacity. This allows them to travel for long distances for a long time. They also have decent speeds, around

The Rio Grande Standard.

80 or 90 MPH, slower than Express trains but faster than Steamers or Freighter trains. They require 10 or 11 parts to create, and can hold a maximum of 2 fuelcars and 3 engines. With the 2 fuelcars, a Standard train can have almost 2000 fuel capacity! With 3 engines, it can hold 24 cars, which only increases the Standards' efficiency. These trains could easily make up your entire fleet.


  • Every train in the Standard set is based on EMD F7 diesel. This train, in real life, operated in the Southwest United States.
  • Each of the Standard's names is based on a Southwestern U.S. landform, for example the San Juan Mountains, the Rio Grande (river), Gila River, and the Pecos River.

    The Standard Trains are based on the EMD F7 model of trains. This one above even has the same paint job as the San Juan Standard!

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