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The Steamer Set is the first group of trains available to players of Pocket Trains. It includes the Bluebell Steamer, Cherry Steamer, Emerald Steamer, and the Vanilla Steamer, along with the "special" Carbon Steamer.

The Emerald Steamer.

These trains have very small base fuel capacities, and they can only hold up to 1 fuelcar and 1 engine. Most people say they are probably the worst trains, but their starting nature renders them very important to your railroad until you unlock the Express or Standard trains. All but one of the Steamer trains need 3 parts to make, the exception is the Carbon Steamer, at 4. They are also very slow compared to most other trains, traveling at speeds around 50MPH.


  • This group holds the least base fuel capacity of all trains in Pocket Trains - the Cherry Steamer.
  • This set also holds the slowest train in the game - the Emerald Steamer.

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