The Century Limited is a Preserved and Owned Cresdent Hooter Which Was obtained right through to 13 in one of The Special Train Crates and The Railroad Parts. The train is seen as a long-haul vehicle with decent speed and Car Capacity By The Time Itself The Century Limited Was Based of It's Express Dutie Name To Apply The Carrier. The Century Limited Was Used In A Wagon of Coal and Based On an NYC Dreyfuss J3-A Hudson Streamlined 4-6-4 Steam Engine No.5453 Which Was Named Century Limited and Built for The Outback Australian Railway At Australia In 1933.

Train Speed Car Capacity Fuel Max Engines Max Fuelcars
Century Limited
Century Limited
92 MPH 18 Cars 700 1 1
NYC J3-A Century Limited
Test run of streamlined 20th Century Limited 1938

 in Real life No.5453 'Century Limited' is leaving Chicago On The 17th May 1933.

Trivia Edit

  • Unlike the real 4-6-4 No.5453 Century Limited, was one of the Pocket Train versions of the fuel car and it is the one that was used on diesel trains, as well as a coal tender like Southern Pacific GS-4 Class 4-8-4 No.4449 Daylight and London and North Eastern Railway Gresley A4 Class 4-6-2 No. 4468 Mallard.
  • The 4-6-2-2 is based off on the real world’s Streamlined "20th Century Limited", Steam Engine and was born on a 1933 Built-era steamer.
  • No.5453 Century Limited was in real life to run from The New York Central by a basic Station to Chicago's LaSalle Street Station.
    Century Limited 2

Streamlined Hudson 4-6-2-2 No.5453 Century Limited Running 7047 Miles From Athens To Dublin At Work in Operation Around The Lyddle End’s Background Hardcover.

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