Steam 060 1251

Other Steamer Engines Like This As A 0-4-0 Class and a Reading Engine The Cherry Steamer Set Features The Midland Railway 4P Midland Compound Class Locomotive 4-4-0 No.1000 Which Exsists in Real Life As Preserved In The National Railway Museum At York And Shows The Reading Engine Seen Stepping In The Display Stand Area During 1923 and Made A Giver With A Proper Shape As A Blue Locomotive Which Came From Train Mania A Super Real Use of This Replace Set Reskin of The Locomotive Outisde This Apply With An Era of The Red Locomotive.

The Cherry Steamer is one of the 5 Steamers in the Steamer class. The Cherry Steamer is the fastest in its class (excluding the Carbon Steamer), although it holds the least amount of fuel. In fact, the Cherry Steamer has the least fuel capacity of any train in Pocket Trains! It is built using 3 Cherry Steamer parts, unlocked through Regular Train Crates The Cherry Steamer Was Made With This MR 0-4-0 Class and a Tender Which Was A Reskin and Made Out As A Midland Compund Steam Locomotive No.1000 for The LMS Region In Wales
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