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An example of a Daily Event

Daily Events are missions that are active for 24 hours, and usually revolve around carrying large amounts of particular jobs to a destination. Once a player has completed the daily event, they will earn a Special Crate and 20

Here, a user completed a Daily Event, awarding a Special Train Crate and 20 Bux.



Daily Events are a useful way to efficiently earn profit, as all the jobs are going to or from a particular destination, minimizing fuel cost.


  • Many Daily Events have humorous descriptions, such as residents printing out emails due to slow internet speeds (the player is tasked with delivering Mail jobs full of cat pictures to the city in question), a statue of a city mayor being destroyed (sending Gravel to other cities), and chefs trying to make the world's biggest pancake (delivering Syrup to the city in question).
  • Note that 75 job events are TO the city with the exclamation mark (!) and 50 job events are FROM the city with the exclamtion mark to other cities.