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The Daylight is a train in Pocket Trains. It requires 12 parts. This train is most effective on northern Siberian routes, Parts of North America and African routes because of its large Fuel and Car capacity. While not as fast as the express trains, the Daylight is still relatively effective and speedy. The engine and it's fuelcar Coal Tender are painted in the Southern Pacific Livery.


  • This train is based off the Southern Pacific GS-4 Locomotive, 28 were built in 1941 and 1942 by Lima locomotive works. The engines were capable of 110 mph though timetable speed limit never exceeded 75 mph. All were retired by 1958 but 1 engine 4449 was preserved.
    • The "Daylight" in real life

      In the  the Whyte notation the wheel arrangement is 4-8-4 which is most commonly known as a Northern.
    • The engines ran along the American West coast from Los Angeles to San Francisco.
    • As part of the American Freedom Train, the locomotive pulled a display train through most of the Contiguous United States.
  • Often referred to as the most beautiful train in the world.
  • The Tender fuel car is the only one that and it doesn't have the gold pattern on it.

A Daylight in operation