The 'Daylight' is a Super Duper American Huge Ginourmous Engine in Pocket Trains. It requires 12 parts. This train is most effective on northern Siberian routes, Parts of North America and African routes because of its large Fuel and Car capacity. While not as fast as the express trains, the Daylight is still relatively effective and speedy. No.4449 Daylight Was Carryed With A Fuelcar Coal Tender and In Southern Pacific Livery As Well As The Streamlined Powerhouse G-S4 Steam Locomotive.

Train Speed Car Capacity Fuel Max Engines Max Fuelcar
87 MPH 18 700 1 1
SP GS-4 Daylight

A "Daylight" in real life Heading Mexico As A Touring Visitor On The 27th June 2007.

Trivia Edit

  • This train is based off the Southern Pacific Locomotive and Was Built in 1977 and was Owned By The Southern Central United States México Train Fair. No.4449 "Daylight", Was one of southern pacific's GS-4 Types of the Streamlined Fastest Steam Locomotives.
    • It has a wheel arrangement of The 4-8-4 and Was according to the Whyte notation.
    • It Toured From Australia to The United States and ran along the American West coast from Los Angeles to San Francisco.
  • The fuel car is only The Tender This fuel car Was Used on that and it doesn't have the gold pattern written above on it.

A Daylight Heads A Superb Made Up Train Around The Very Ends of The Earth Between London and Berlin.

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