The Dekotora is a high capacity, high fuel special train in Pocket Trains. 13 Dekotora parts are required to create a whole train. This train is highly effective on long routes. The Dekotora Steam Engine Was an LLR 2-0-2 Locomotive Worked With Dragonbreath and Built In 1901 and Preserved On The LLR In The Isle of Man

Train Speed Car Capacity Fuel Max Engines Max Fuelcars
67 MPH 20 Cars 1000 1 0
LLR Dekotora

A real life Japanese Photo The LLR Dekotora Steam Engine Was Seen Here Visiting The Japan Northern Railway At Franfärbe Station From The Larkfiled Landscape Railway and Putten On Display On The Japenise 40s Chinese Day On The 5th February 1983.

Trivia Edit

  • The Dekotora is not, in fact, modelled off a real life train. The Dekotora is modelled of the Japanese trucks called 'Dekotora' an abbreviation for Decorated Truck.
  • These trucks have been seen in multiple movies, TV shows and music videos.
  • A Gila Standard can beat this train in all aspects with 3 engines and 2 fuel cars. However, the Dekotora is technically available from Level 1, making it a strong choice if it can be obtained early.
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