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The Dekotora is a high capacity, high fuel special train in Pocket Trains. 13 Dekotora parts are required to create a whole train. This train is highly effective on long routes.

A real life Japanese Photo of a Dekotora.


  • The Dekotora is not, in fact, modelled off a real life train. The Dekotora is modelled of the Japanese trucks called 'Dekotora', an abbreviation for Decorated Truck.
  • These trucks have been seen in multiple movies, TV shows and music videos.
  • A Gila Standard can beat this train in all aspects with 3 engines and 2 fuel cars. However, the Dekotora is technically available from Level 1, making it a strong choice if it can be obtained early.
  • As of November 21st 2020, this train can now have 1 fuelcar, boosting the train's max fuel to 2,000.