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The Dragonbreath is a high capacity train with about average speed. For the amount of parts required (5 found in Special Train Crates), the Dragonbreath is good "value for money". The only major flaw is the fuel capacity. At only 250, it is on par with the Bluebell Steamer. You'll need to add fuel cars for it to work better.


  • Much like the Dekotora, the Dragonbreath's real life partner is not actually a train.
  • The Dragon Dance is a traditional Chinese dance in which people control the dragon from poles underneath to make the dragon "dance".
  • The red colour in the dragon wards away bad spirits, according to legend.
  • As of November 21st 2020, this train is now capable of having 3 fuel cars, which is more than any other train in the game. The maximum fuel this train can have is 1,000.

Dragonbreath 1.JPG
Dragonbreath 2.JPG