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Fuel is the most important part of Pocket Trains. Every train can carry different amounts of fuel, for example, a Bullet can carry more fuel than a Cherry Steamer. By adding Fuel cars you can increase the trains fuel capacity by the train's original capacity for every fuel car added. The trains' current fuel load is indicated on the orange bar.

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If you enter the Train overview page (which can be opened by pressing the button in the very top right hand corner) you can find the precise amount of fuel in your trains.

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It takes a train 10 seconds to get 1 unit of fuel. This means that a bullet without any fuel cars takes 1 hour and 40 minutes to refuel from completely empty. A Bluebell Steamer without any fuel cars will take roughly 41 minutes to refuel from empty.


  • A train with 500 fuel can travel on a regular sized route (Copenhagen-Stockholm, Paris-Munich, Shenyang-Seoul, Manila-Hong Kong) back and forth 9 times.
  • The Trivia above tells us that one regular-sized track uses 55.5 units of fuel.
  • Adding additional engines will NOT increase fuel capacity; rather, they will increase car capacity.