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The Gila Standard is a train, part of the Standard Set. It is the fastest of the Standards, but has the least fuel capacity. The Gila is one of the first trains a player can get with a car capacity over 8 cars, as it has 12. The Gila Standard is painted grey with some red stripes. Like all the Standards, the Gila can have 2 Fuelcars and 3 engines. Each engine added increases the car capacity by 6 for a maximum amount of 24. However, each one needs the standard 10 parts per Standard train to make. This train is good for South America, Africa, or Asia, as all of those continents have long lines which are good for the Standards' large fuel capacity and relatively fast speed.


  • Like all Standard Trains, the Gila Standard Train Set is based upon the American EMD F7 diesel engine.
  • The Gila standard is based on the livery of the Chicago, Burlington and Quincy Railroad, which ran in the American Midwest. The high speed pays to the railroad's Zephyr trains, which were amongst the fastest in America before the service ended along with the end of private passenger rail in America.

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