Like every mobile game, Pocket Trains has some glitches and bugs. From infinite bux to train disapperences, there is a wide range of these game stoppers. Everyone has a different device with different settings and preferations, so people have all kinds of them. This is the page where YOU can list your Pocket Trains glitches. Some people might know how to fix some of your glitches that may effect your game experience. Do not delete a communtiy glitch after it is fixed, other poeple still might have the same problem. Please, do not list items like "I don't have enough coins" or a fake glitch. And finally, please do not list questions, you can list them at the Help/Suggestions Page. If you like, you can comment a glitch, too.

Community Glitches

  • Tapping on a station when on the map, the train is refuelling, and the station is empty. Tap once or twice again and it is fixed.
  • When having a train in the station which is holding cars that have not reached their destination yet and trying to put those cars into the stockyard, they transfer into the normal job list. Once the station is clicked off of, they disappear.
  • Sometimes when watching an Ad for 2 Bux, you don't get the reward.
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