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*This is not a real question or solution

Hello! I'm having some trouble gifting parts to my friend. I've tried it numerous times and it still doesn't seem to be working. Do I have a problem with my Pocket Trains? PLEASE HELP!! -Aneda H. Elp (Geddit?)

Hello Aneda! I have a few possible solutions for your dilemma: 1: Make sure that you are connected to wifi and that your wifi modem is working. 2: Check that you have the right gifting code. 3: Try restarting Pocket Trains and trying again if all thing fails. -Myam Good (I hope you see it...)

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What is the best continent to buy your first license in?

Tips (Below the line)

-Each line should have 3-8 cities. No more, no less. This makes it so you can gain maximum revenue by transporting large paying cars to cities connected to many lines, then using other trains to move it on to the next line or to cash it in. Example: Iberian express has a job for 1,000 coins going to Baghdad. First, the train will transport the car to Milan. Next, the Western Europe steamer picks it up and transports it to Munich, where the Central Europe steamer will transport the cars to Istanbul. Finally, the Middle East Express cashes the job in at Baghdad. This way, you can get much more money than you would just from Istanbul or Tehran!

-Bux is better! Even though you may have a large paying car, bux is almost always better to transport.

-Fuel Cars! Fuel cars may not look very important at first, but in reality they are one of the most needed items in Pocket Trains. They heavily increase a train's fuel capacity, rendering it to make much more profit and be more efficient! Also, you can spend less time waiting for a train to fuel, which can usually take some time. For express trains, they are even more important, as their fast speed mows down their fuel.

-When you get a licence, either get Asia or North America. Africa is not a very good place to get a license as only one line links Europe to Africa. And, obviously, you cannot have any stations in Australia or South America. North America is more preferred (and probably a better area for beginners) than Asia. North America has lots of easy, small routes compared to Asia's long, not very well linked ones (for example, Volgograd-Urumqi, New Delhi-Chengdu and Anadyr-Magadan-Yakutsk-Novosibirsk or Harbin).