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The Mallard is a streamlined steam train in Pocket Trains. It is unlocked after receiving 12 Mallard parts. It is a special train, which means its parts are only found in Special Crates. It can have 1200 fuel with a fuel car, although this is very hard to obtain. The Mallard is a pretty efficient train, with decent speed and medium to high fuel capacity. It can also hold 16 cars, which only increases the Mallard's effectiveness. These factors mean the Mallard is a good choice for a railroad in North America, South America, or southern Asia. A large railroad in Europe is also excellent, too.

The Mallard in real life.


  • On the side of the engine, there is a pixelated black and gold plaque. This is where the name Mallard was put on the engine.
  • The Mallard broke the speed record for the fastest steam train in 1938. It still holds this record today!
  • The Mallard is based on Sir Nigel Gresley's A4 class engine Mallard, that broke the world speed record in 1938, with 202km/h (roughly 126mph).
  • It used to require 7 parts to make but was changed to 12 for unknown reasons.

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