The Maryland Freighter is the fastest Freighter train, at 68 MPH, although this train is still by no means among the fastest trains in the game. It also has the least fuel capacity of the set. This means the Maryland is can operate with large profits in places like south Africa, north and west North America, or Oceania. Although the Maryland Freighter has the least fuel capacity of the Freighter set, it still has a very large one, at 720 litres, and can have an even larger fuel capacity with 2 fuel cars. Even though each fuel car and engine needs 10 parts to make, the Maryland Freighter can have 3 engines on one train, meaning it can carry a maximum of 28 cars and Features an EMD GP382 Loco and Was Made Out of a Slug and No Car But It Was Based On No.35004 Which Is Preserved On The Munich and Berlin Railway.

VIA Bo-Bo No.35004

Trivia Edit

  • The Maryland Freighter Set Features and EMD Freight Locomotive In Version Immer America Line Livery Which is Formely based off In One of The Iconic and Fastest and Longest and Powerful American freight trains, which do not have names of Every Diesel Loco.
  • The Maryland Freighter is named for the U.S. state of Maryland As Well Made Out From A Train Set and Contains No.35004 A Trust Scale Reskin Created tinplate Animater of This Train To Appear In The Game.
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