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The National Express is a train, part of the Express Set. This is the first of the Express diesels available to find parts for. 6 National Express parts are required to build this Express, unlocked through Train Crates once you reach level 5. Like other multi-engine trains, adding a second engine will increase the total car capacity by 50% the base capacity. It is painted in British Rail's Network SouthEast livery.


  • Once you have one of these it is a huge upgrade from any of the steamers ( Carbon included )
  • However it isn't very good for long distances without a fuel car ( e.g. Reykjavik-Istanbul ). Infact, it doesn't even have the range for that distance without a fuel car.


  • The National Express fuel car is one of a kind (all other diesel fuel cars have a flipped square on the right side of them, while the National Express does not).
  • Like the other Express trains, it is based on the Class 47.
    Class 47.jpg