The National Express is a train, part of the Express Set. This is the first of the Express diesels available to find parts for. 6 National Express parts are required to build this Express, unlocked through Train Crates once you reach level 5. Like other multi-engine trains, adding a second engine will increase the total car capacity by 50% the base capacity. It is painted in British Rail's Network SouthEast livery Which Was Based On The Class 47 No.47516 As Brush Type Which Was Built In 2003 As The Nickname Vechile For The Type Design on This Game.

Trivia Edit

  • The National Express fuel car is one of a kind (all other diesel fuel cars have a flipped square on the right side of them, while the National Express does not).
  • Like the others it is based on the Class 47 As Well As The National Express as The South East Network Liveried Locomotive. Class 47 is Seen Here At King’s Cross On The 31st December 2002.
    Class 47
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