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The New Jersey Freighter is a train in Pocket Trains. Requiring 11 parts to make, the New Jersey Freighter is often called the best Freighter train because it is faster than the Virginia Freighter and Delaware Freighter, yet has more fuel capacity than the Maryland Freighter and the Virginia Freighter. Requiring 55 parts in total, a maxed-out New Jersey Freighter can hold 28 cars and will have 2520 fuel. This means the New Jersey Freighter is great for locations like northwest North America and Africa. It can make huge profits using its large fuel capacity to the train's advantage. Compared to other trains, the New Jersey Freighter is slow, being slower than all trains except steamer trains. The New Jersey Freighter is named a Freighter not for decoration, but because it can hold 14 cars even without 2 or 3 engines.


  • The New Jersey Freighter is named for the U.S. state of New Jersey.
  • When getting and being ready to be compared to one of the other trains as a whole Unit Set, the New Jersey Freighter set is still not slow, but being a slower set than all trains except for the steamer trains.
  • Despite it’s name, the New Jersey Freighter appears to have a livery based on Canadian National trains.