Pocket Trains Wiki

Parts are the pieces of a trains, used to fix a Mechanical Failure that happened to a train or build new ones. They can be found by opening Train Crates. Some parts are rarer than others, for example a Daylight part is found less than a Bluebell Steamer part. You can access your parts and build trains via the "craft" menu.

Part popup when opening a crate. For example, this user got a Daylight part.

Building the Train

Each train needs a different amount of parts to build it. Usually, smaller or less efficient trains require less parts. To acquire the parts, players need to buy train crates. When they open a crate, either special or regular, they will get a random train part. Once they have all of the parts, they can build (craft) a train engine or fuelcar. With their engine, they can start a new railroad or attach it to an already operating train (same with fuel cars). Special train parts are always found in special crates. These trains also require large amounts of parts to build them.

Popup when you get enough parts to build a train. Here the user can choose to build the Daylight Engine or Fuelcar.


Train parts can also be used for fixing mechanical failure. If you own a part of the same type of the train that is broken, you can use it to fix it. This works well if you are low on coins or have many parts of the same type that you don't need.

Trivia/ Other Facts

  • When you get a part, tap on the "info" bar to see the fully made train's stats.
  • Unlike Pocket Planes, which have engines, bodies, and controls, parts in Pocket Trains do not have names (for example, wheels, fuel component, and whistle are not parts)
    • Parts can be gifted to other players! Each player has a unique gift code (found in the Options menu) and it costs n bux to gift a part to another player, where n is the number of parts needed to craft a train (so Steamer parts cost 3 bux to gift, Expresses 6 or 7, and a Bullet 14).