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The Pocket Trains Official Guide is an app on the iOS Store and Google Play. The "Guide" button in the Menu will lead you to download the app. Note the app will cost $1.25 AUD dollars, which would convert to roughly 1 US dollar. This app is no longer available on iOS.


  • The app has a really poor rating on Google Play, at 2.2/5 stars.
  • Some reviews on Google Play say the app is a cash grab and everything in the guide can be found on the Internet.
  • The guide is broken, according to reviews.
  • The guide is NOT from NimbleBit themselves, it's actually from Steel Media Ltd.
  • The guide also has only 1 thousand downloads on Google Play.
  • Information in the guide is incorrect, as an image of the app says the Bluebell Steamer is unlocked at Level 3, even though you get it at the start of the game.
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