The Pumpkin Steamer is a special train having no parts.

The Pumpkin Steamer is a regular Steamer with orange and green paint. It has a pumpkin face on it as well. This train was only given out during Halloween in 2013. This is only have been sent to the players in 2013, but on 16/10/2019, Pocket Trains sent Pumpkin Steamer to some of the lucky players! This train has no parts, meaning it can not be traded. This steamer shares the same stats as the Peppermint Steamer. This train is great in many areas of the world, as it's speed is 105 MPH, it carries 13 cars, and has 700 fuel. It is only available as an engine, not being able to carry fuelcars. Like the Peppermint Steamer, it was a seasonal gift from NimbleBit in 2013 and has not been given out since until 2019. It Was Made As This Fuelcar of The 0-4-0 Engine of The Southern Railway Steam Engines and Made Reskin Which Was Formely Based On This Timplate Vechile Was The LBSCR 4-6-0 Highland Steam Locomotive No.103.

LB&SCR 4-6-0 Class

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