Pocket Trains Wiki

Even though this is a free wiki, community rules must be followed. These rules will in no way hinder editing or collaboration. Failure to abide by community rules will lead to consequences handed out by an admin. These rules should especially be enforced on the Trading page. Listed below are the general rules and common sense must still be exercised. If there is a rule which you believe should be removed, amended or added, contact an admin.


  • Absolutely no swearing is permitted on any part of the wiki.
  • No cyber-bullying what so ever
  • Do not provoke an argument
  • Do not scam people for their train parts when trading. If you have seen or are a victim of scamming, please put the scammer's code on the Blacklist or contact an admin.
  • Obviously, do not sell or try to buy accounts. It is a dangerous transaction and may even get you fined by Nimblebit/government.
  • Do not spam (aka repeating a comment or similar comments an extreme number of times)
  • Follow an admin's instructions if given
  • Respect other peoples' work and do not vandalize pages.
  • Do not post unneeded or off-topic comments on threads or on the forums.
  • Do not abuse your Staff Rights to block a user unnecessarily.
  • Do not create unnecessary pages. Admins look over the new page list and delete unnecessary pages. Make sure the page you are writing has not been written before.
  • No sockpuppeting.


If you are caught doing any of the above Admin and site moderators have the right to strip your privileges. Our admins will be as fair as possible, using all proof and witness users available. Based on the severity of the offence, admins will always consider warnings 90% of the time on the first offence. Consequences include:

  • Strict warning
  • Removal of privileges (Chat, Editorial...)
  • Blockage from pages
  • Removal from the wiki

If things get really severe (which hopefully won't), Fandom Staff will be called in.