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The San Juan Standard is a diesel train in Pocket Trains. Part of the Standard set, it can have up to three engines and two fuel cars. The San Juan has the most fuel capacity of the Standards, at 660. However, the San Juan Standard is the slowest of all the Standard trains. It requires ten parts to make. With full engines and fuel cars, the train can transport 24 cars while having almost 2000 fuel. This means it does very well in Siberia, Africa, and South America. The other Standard trains are usually preferable over the San Juan because of their faster speed and enormous fuel capacity. However, when used in the right conditions, the San Juan is a very efficient and profitable train nonetheless.

The San Juan Standard in operation.


  • Like all Standard trains, the San Juan Standard is based of the American EMD F7 diesel, with the paint being similar to the classic Santa Fe Railway livery. These engines in particular were used on the Passenger Trains run from Chicago to Los Angeles, the all coach El Captain, and the all sleeper car Super Chief. It even has the same paint job.