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The Terabyte Zephyr is a train in Pocket Trains. It is the first of the Zephyr trains, requiring 9 parts to make either an engine or fuel car. It has a unique paint job, with a combination of yellow, white, and black with a red stripe through the middle. The Terabyte is ideal for Asian routes other than Siberia and South and North America.

The Terabyte Zephyr


  • The Terabyte Zephyr, like most Zephyrs, is based on the British Intercity 125 train.
  • The Terabyte features the British Rail Intercity Executive paint job.
  • Like all Zephyrs, the last part of the first word of the name of the train is "byte", referencing various units of digital storage.
  • Zephyr trains are fast and, with fuel cars, have lots of fuel. As a result, they are essentially a complete upgrade of Express trains.
  • Even though the Zephyr trains are unlocked after Standard ones, Standard trains have better fuel and hauling capacities, giving them the chance to be more efficient than Zephyrs.
    • Although Zephyrs have a higher base car capacity (14) than Standards, all Standard trains can have up to three engines, effectively increasing capacity past Zephyrs.

This HST has the same paint job as the Terabyte Zephyr Set.