Pocket Trains Wiki

Welcome to the trading page! Here, you can trade and exchange parts. Write your request under the indicated line. Wait for someone to reply. You can decline or accept any trade, just make sure you uphold your deal if you accept. You can trade anything at all, just make sure you state your gift code. If you want, you can post a picture of your railroad (to show you are not scamming). Remember to always use common sense and abide by the wiki rules.


If your trade partner did not complete their end of the deal, post their codes here. IF YOU RECEIVE AN OFFER WITH THESE CODES, DO NOT TRADE WITH THEM! Don't accuse quickly and wait 2 days minimum for the part to come. If you have been accused wrongly, please contact an admin. If you try to scam, your punishment will be judged by moderators. Further information is listed in the wiki rules.


Write codes here: 16RCHR



1. No swearing.

2. Uphold your bargain.

3. State your gift code in your request/comment.

4. You can post a picture of your railroad for proof.

Any users that fail to abide by the italic rules will face consequences, listed in Rules.

Happy Trading!


Keep in mind the total value in bux it takes to send the parts

Try to be friendly and not make unnecessary comments