Train Crate

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Train Crates are special items in Pocket Trains that allow the construction of new trains and cars. There are two different types of train crates: special and regular.


Train Crates can be delivered as jobs to destinations, purchased if a Station currently has a sale, bought from the store, or randomly collected while a train is travelling to a destination, although this is uncommon (when train is moving, a train crate may appear with a parachute attached, as would flying coins and bux). The price of buying them at stations will increase over time by 400 and 2,000 coins until Level 20, where a regular crate will cost 8,000 coins and a special crate will cost 40,000 coins. They can drop Cherry, Bluebell, Emerald and Vanilla Steamers parts. It can also contain Express parts when you are past level 5 and Standard parts after level 10.

Special Train Crates

Main article: Special Crate

Special crates contain parts to rare trains such as the Mallard, Century Limited, and the Daylight. Each Train Crate contains a random Part for a train, and costs 10 Bux to open. The player has a choice of constructing either a Train or Fuelcar once they have collected enough parts.

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