Pocket Trains Wiki

Alright, we're almost there! We only have 2 more pages to make, then we can start our navigation redo project! But I have some things I need clearing up.

  • On the Virginia Freighter page, I accidently made the category "Freighter Trains". I thought they were named Trains instead of sets. Anyhow, I can't delete the category or I dont know how to do it. Fancyeditor, can you do this please as I'm pretty sure only admins can delete.
  • I need some pictures of trains in stations and in enviroments, mostly Freighter and Zephyr trains. I can't find any on the Internet and I don't have the trains :( Could anyone help? I'm going to put them on their respective pages so people don't just have an icon to look at.
  • After this redo, hopefully more people will come to the wiki. People might want to trade parts, so we might have to make a page for that. But with trading comes arguements, scammers, and just general troublemakers, and if that happens a rules page and protected pages will have to be made (I got the ideas from the Pocket Planes wiki, they are having a scammer problem currently and are undergoeing many rule changes). If that has to happen, let's make the rules less like laws (that's what the PPW's rules look like) and more like rules.

Whoever is reading this, you don't have do all the things I said RIGHT NOW, or at all, these are just some suggestions and general news about the Pocket Trains wiki.