Pocket Trains Wiki

Hello Wiki users,

As I write this I am filled with a great sense of dread and sadness. My time is up and its time to pass over the reigns. 3 months ago I took up the opportunity to adopt this wiki. I understood back then that it would be a lot of work. It sure has been, but look at where we are now! A growing community of 5 active editors, a lovely homepage and a whole new staffing team. I must come back to the whole point of writting this post. I am leaving, not permanently (I will still do a massive edit once a month). A large amount of you have noticed my inactivity, this is larely due to the fact that I have been boged down with work, I cannot find the time to edit. I hope you all know that it kills me to say goodbye but I know I'm leaving this wiki in good hands. Banalover has been an acitve and knowledgable contributer to the community, Okidkaname has given us photos and facts, WhinningWinnie has come back to help, and JK55556 came all the way from Pocket Trains. There are others who I didnt mention that have helped in more ways than one.

For the last time, I bid you farewell.

Cherio till next time!


P.S. Just so you know NimbleBit uses the font silkscreen found here.