Pocket Trains Wiki

Hello Wiki editors!

This is my first blog post in a long time so I do have a few things to address. First of all, please consider adding and filling out the User Profile template on your profile pages. I will be modifying the word mark (rewriting WIKI using Silkscreen font), so that we get a more professional appearance. Thirdly (this is an important one), I have been observing our wiki statistics, and we are gaining a large veiwer group. The statistics show that in the last 7 days we had 2.6 thousand viewers on our wiki, these peope mostly came to: Map, Trains, and Asia, Europe and the other continents. We should aim our projects at expaning and improving these areas. For Map, I'm going to try and get a better and larger map so that it can be view with ease (No squinting required). With Trains we need to resise all the pictures so they are the same, and make it more easy and quick to look at. Now heres where you get to respond, should we create a page for each city in each region and provide info on them, and if so should we  add a little bit of external train related trivia, you let me know in the comments. Finnaly I feel like we need to create "The Ultimate Guide for Playing Pocket Trains". This guide would be beaneath all the comments on the Help suggestions page, and would start at the begining and walk you right through. It could be potentially a hit with starters if we advertised it effectively. With the combined experience and knowledge of admins we could make it really usefull. Please do let me know what you think in the comments.

Kind Regards,