Pocket Trains Wiki

Hello Wiki users!

I will start my quest to make this wiki more navigable tommorow. I would just like your thoughts on this: 

Ok, so some willing wolunteers and I will create a page for every single train in Pocket Trains. Now this will render our Trains page useless. To keep the Trains page and not have it repeat information we will make it a catagory feeder page to all the other trains pages. We will then provide a link to the trains page on the home page. Then in the navigations bar under trains we will have them divided into their divisions (Freighter, Steamers, Special, Express and so on) when you click on the division you will be brought to a feeder page similar to that of the new trains page. Pheww! Just I few more things to note:

  • On the home page there will be a new community news section.
  • I have sent the leading Admin of Pocket Planes wiki (A much more popular wiki, but not as good as this one mind you! ;D) a message to ask for promotion of this wiki on Pocket Planes wiki. If he accepts we will be seeing a wave of editors enter this community.
  • I am planing to have a blog post every week to keep you guys informed and aware of where we plan to take this wiki.
  • Finally I will be promoting some users to Admins and Content Moderators so I would love your suggestions for your candidates please do me a favour and don't pick yourself. I have one in mind (wink wink) we will have a poll after to elect new Admins and Moderators.

As always dont hesitate to ask me a question I'll be happy to help. Don't forget to send me in those candidates!

I am now going to give my fingers a break after all this typing...