Pocket Trains Wiki

This is so exciting!

After the release of the new Hybrid sets I thought it necessary to revive this wiki once more. The new theme is the first part in what organised me wants to call a 3-step program for re[re]development. Please comment below on how you think it looks. Also I have been bored out of my mind during COVID and isolation (often finding myself watching a trains entire journey for no reason but for the scenery :) ) and think it's wonderful that we can still maintain this community space.

More attention will be paid to ensuring better looking homepage, greater continuity for our information pages (including info-boxes) and new pages on XP, and protections on more important pages.

If you have any comments or suggestions at all I'd love to hear them on my message wall. If you have knowledge or are an experienced player please hit me up!

Don't forget to edit while logged in, its much easier to trace that way.