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Hello community!

This'll be a big post so get comfortable. First and foremost I want to distinguish the difference between facts and information. Now all facts are information but not all information is facts. Because I love grammar and just want to bore you here is the definition:

Facts: Something that is know to be or proven to be true.

Information: Facts or an opinion provided or learned about someone or something.

At this point you are probably very confused, all will be explained soon. I have noticed some pages or catagory pages with bucket loads of text on them, when I read further I discovered that most of this text is information, someones excelent opinion on how to utilise a train efficently. Dont get me wrong I love this information but this wiki is going for a streamlined look and efficent navigation, I find it hard to get what your looking for when its nestled in of lots information. 

What I'm saying is that these pages (such as the freighter set catagory page) should be strictly for 'facts. I'nformation or opinions should be reserved for the guide or a tuitorial page.

Secondly I might contact the tiny tower wiki for promotions. They get many editors and I'm sure they'd be willing to help us out.

Finally I'll get WhiningWinnie onto the main page refresh. He'll do an excelent job I'm sure of it so just be aware there may be a few disruptions.

Thanks! As always ask me if you have any questions.