The Vanilla Steamer is one of the 5 Steamers in the Steamer class. The Vanilla Steamer does not have any stand out statistic, and is slightly better in both speed and fuel than the Bluebell Steamer. It is built using 3 Vanilla Steamer parts, unlocked through Regular Train Crates when you reach level 4. Outside The York Valley Railway An 0-4-0 Engine Was Curently Painted In White. The Vanilla Steamer Had a Tender for This Feature Base on This Created Reskin Was One of The LNER Rolling Stocks This is 9T Steam Engine Which Was Taken From The United States and Now Somewhere Appeared On The Railway Was No.907 Silver Ridge In A Silver Jubilee Livery Which Was Unic Livery Applied From One of The A4's Just This Type of This Reskin To a Steam Engine.
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