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The Virginia Freighter is a Freighter train. Freighters are known for their enormous fuel capacities with slow speeds. Yes, you read the table right. The base fuel capacity of the Virginia Freighter is 800. However, with 2 fuel cars, this can be increased to 2400. This means that the Virginia Freighter can consistently make intercontinental trips. Each engine can hold up to 14 cars, and it's possible to have 3 engines on the same train, increasing the total capacity to 28. However, the Virginia Freighter only travels at 64 MPH, so high paying jobs will take large amounts of time to transport. Each fuel car or engine needs 10 parts to make. The Virginia is the middle of the line compared to other Freighter trains, being faster than the Delaware Freighter, but slower than the Maryland Freighter or the New Jersey Freighter. This means the Virginia is well-suited for most places, particularly Africa, Asia, and South America.


  • Like all Freighter trains, the Virginia Freighter is based off real-life diesel freight trains, which do not have names, like passenger trains, but instead numbers.

    The real-life "Juice Train", which transports orange juice all over the U.S On The 17th June 1982.

  • Also like all Freighters, the Virginia Freighter is named for a U.S. state, in this case Virginia.