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The Zettabyte Zephyr is a Zephyr train, which are characterized by their sleek engines. The Zettabyte Zephyr can be the most efficient and profitable Zephyr, as it has more fuel capacity and speed than the Terabyte Zephyr. In fact, the Zettabyte is the third fastest train in Pocket Trains, after the Bullet and Petabyte Zephyr. However, these features mean the Zettabyte requires 10 parts to make, compared to the usual 9 parts for Zephyrs. It's also one the only train that is almost all green. The Zettabyte, like all Zephyrs, can have 1 engine and 2 fuel cars. With these, it's fuel capacity is 1260 litres and can hold 14 cars. The Zettabyte Zephyr is a good choice for a railroad in North America, South America, Oceania, or Asia.


  • The Zettabyte Zephyr is based off the British Intercity 125.
  • The Zettabyte Zephyr is the only train that has the same first letter for both words in the train's name.
  • Like all Zephyrs, the last part of the first word of the name of the train is "byte", referencing various units of digital storage.